This new edition of The Woman Question brings together the most influential analyses of women's position in society to have emerged in the past decade. When the First Edition appeared in 1982 it rapidly established itself as a definitive selection of classic feminist writings. This wide-ranging new set of readings reflects the challenges and complexities of feminism in the 1990s.

The discussion encompasses both theoretical issues of identity and the economic and political status of women. It demonstrates the impact of gender not only on how the social world is organized but on how we understand and interpret that world. Recognizing the diversity of women's experiences, it pays particular attention to the interactions of race, class, gender and sexuality.

Leading feminists explore the concept of gender difference, its impact on women and its representation in culture. They discuss the material realities of women's lives and how these are differentiated by race. They examine women's relation to powerful institutions, especially the state, and analyze the successes, failures and contradictions of feminist politics.

The Woman Question is essential reading for students and lecturers in women's studies, sociology and politics, as well as offering to the general reader an accessible overview of feminism today.

The Woman Question


Oxford, 1982

ISBN 0 00 635986 8